Dog Boarding and Daycare

Old Summit Farm is a fully licensed and insured boarding kennel. The newly-constructed facility is located on our property and is housed in a historic (circa 1900) post and beam barn. Rather than achieving sustainability through quantity of dogs served, we accept fewer dogs for a higher quality experience. This ensures that each dog gets the personal attention and guidance that it needs for an enjoyable stay.  Since we are a small facility (we only accept 12 dogs at a time) and we tend to fill up quickly, only dogs enrolled in our training or daycare programs are eligible for boarding.

Our doggie daycare program is tailored to the personality of your dog.  If they are gregarious and social, they can spend time with other like-minded dogs.  If they prefer one-on-one interaction with humans, we can do that too!  Our property is located within a few hundred feet of the Trestle Trail Multi-Use Path, which we use to practice loose-leash walking and exercise the dogs. 

Because we know how important consistency is for dogs, our kennel operations mimic a typical dog’s life. At night and during daytime naps, dogs are safely and comfortably housed in crates. Crate training is an important part of our training philosophy and is a component of our Leadership Triad (along with Impulse Control and the Structured Walk).

Recreation time is spent outdoors in a secure, fenced area. Dogs are always accompanied by a staff person during rec time to play and interact with the dogs. We believe strongly in the saying, “a tired dog is a happy dog!”