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We use Pack Structure to establish our role as the dog’s leader and Balanced, Rewards-based Training methods to teach and reinforce behaviors.


Contrary to many misconceptions, Pack Structure is not settled by sweeping a dog off its feet and pinning it to the ground or by other abusive means. Instead, it is established by dozens of daily repetitions of the Leadership Triad: Crate Training, Impulse Control, and the Structured Walk. Your dog’s respect and compliance is gained by a calm and consistent execution of these exercises. The good news is that it is never too late to establish Pack Structure with a dog.


Balanced, Rewards-based Training is a motivational training program that uses rewards during the Learning Phase. Five verbal “markers” are used as simple communication that is very clear to your dog. This type of training is fun for both dogs and their humans and fosters engagement from your dog. Good engagement strengthens the relationship between you and your dog and produces a great attitude towards training. Once the behavior has been generalized, corrections are added to our “training toolbox” to maintain compliance in distracting environments. These corrections are not made to punish the dog, but simply to change its behavior and can range from verbal discouragement to collar corrections, depending on the temperament of the dog and the severity of the behavior


Trainer Bio


Owner/Lead Dog Trainer, Claude Masse, CPDT-KA is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer. Claude became interested in dog training after an introductory pheasant hunt with friends and their dogs. Inspired by the communication and teamwork between the handler and the dog, it wasn’t long before he had his own retrieving pup and started to learn how to train a hunting dog on his own.  Fast-forward 10 years and an additional dog, Claude decided to leave his career as a consulting environmental scientist and took a position as an Assistant Trainer with an established kennel and trainer.


He has successfully helped dogs with problems ranging from puppy obedience and manners to severe behavioral issues (aggression, separation anxiety) and has worked with all kinds of dogs from 2 pound Yorkies to 120+ pound Rottweilers, Mastiffs, Cane Corsos etc.


Old Summit Farm was founded in 2015 by Claude and his wife, Lisa. They live on the property along with their two dogs Nash and George, and their cat Sammy.

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